Toyota HIACE Promos by Rogelio Diosay

HIACE Promos by Rogelio Diosay, Toyota Batangas

Rogelio Diosay- Certified Marketing Professional @ Toyota Batangas City. Contact us below:

Toyota Hiace is a commercial vehicle powered by 3.0L & 2.8L Diesel engine respectively.

Toyota HIACE Van Photos

Toyota HIACE Van Videos

Toyota Hiace- Pricelist:

Commuter Decon 3.0 MT- ₱1,379,000
Commuter Cargo- ₱1,166,000
Commuter Deluxe- ₱1,724,000
GL Grandia MT – ₱2,150,000
GL Grandia AT- ₱2,225,000
GL TOURER AT- ₱2,399,000
S.Grandia AT Leather- ₱2,723,000
S.Grandia AT Elite- ₱3,098,000

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